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Periodic Exams in Bethesda, MD!

Periodic Dental Exams are regular checkups that help our dentists in Bethesda, MD, to assess the health of your teeth, gums and overall oral cavity. These exams are essential for the early detection of dental issues and the maintenance of optimal oral health. You must undergo regular dental checkups once every six months to maintain your optimal oral health.

Benefits of Periodic Dental Exams

  • Regular exams help detect dental problems at an early stage and prevent future extensive and costly treatments.
  • Periodic exams allow our dental team to provide preventive care like cleanings, fluoride treatments and oral hygiene guidance.
  • Our dentists perform thorough oral cancer screenings during exams to increase the chances of early detection and successful treatment.
  • Based on your exam results, we create personalized treatment plans to address any dental issues and maintain your oral health.

What is included in our periodic dental exams?

  • Our experienced dentist will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth, gums, and mouth. This includes examining each tooth’s condition, identifying signs of decay, damage, or wear, and assessing the health of your gums.
  • Depending on your oral health needs, X-rays and imaging may be taken to reveal hidden dental issues such as cavities between teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, or bone health concerns.
  • We will evaluate the health of your gums, checking for signs of gum disease like inflammation, bleeding or gum recession. 
  • Our dentist will examine your bite alignment and jaw function to identify any issues related to misalignment or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.
  • If you have dental restorations like fillings, crowns, bridges, or implants, our dentist will inspect their condition to ensure they are functioning well and not showing signs of deterioration.
  • During your periodic exam, our dental hygienist will perform a professional cleaning to remove plaque, tartar, and surface stains from your teeth.

At First Class Smiles Bethesda, we believe regular dental checkups can ensure your smile’s longevity and overall well-being. Our Periodic Dental Exams are designed to provide you with personalized attention, early issue detection and preventive care.

If you value your oral health and seek to maintain a radiant smile, contact our dental office in Bethesda, MD. Schedule an appointment with us and live with a healthy, beautiful and confident smile.